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What Qualifies as an MVP?

MVP means minimal viable product.¬† “Minimal” leaves room for ambiguity, admittedly – but not much. The reality is, making the product work isn’t what investors care about – they care that the working product has a market. Ergo, pragmatically, an MVP should be the lowest possible viable product that can test and prove the product…

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Bay Area Money versus… the Rest

It’s a bit of a David and Goliath story. There is a massive divide in how much money can be raised, and at what stage it can be raised, in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) versus pretty much everywhere else. You may expect it to be similar in other major economic centers the…

Taking Investment: Equity or Debt

This is another example of details where having a mentor/advisor goes a long way to making sure you get things right. That said, if you have a good head on your shoulders, you shouldn’t do too badly no matter what, if you’re raising money. You can take the lead from investors on the format, they…

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So You Want to Work at a Startup

The word you’re looking for is: masochist. Seriously though. Working at startups is potentially the most painful and most rewarding experience you can have in life. Long hours. Probably low pay. Low probability of success. Excitement. Rollercoasters of ups and downs. In the end, hopefully, it all leads to a big success. Big payday. It’s…
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The 10 Minute CFO Crash Course

Business Models and Unit Economics [before financial statements, you’ve gotta have a business model and ideally unit economics built around the model]   Core financial statements: Cash Flow, Income Statement, Balance Sheet [what they are, how they’re used, how they differ]     [Highlights below of each (call out critical values/terms in each: EBIDTA, Gross…

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