About Us

Our Story

Anhelaré Partners have experience with startups beginning in the early-Internet era of the mid-1990s. We lived through the first dot-com bubble and bust cycle, and the many cycles and sub-cycles since. Through the -naughts, we helped many impactful startups succeed technically. Through the -teens, we expanded to helping startups on the business side as well. We’ve come at ideas from both the technical and the business world.  We have raised (and we admit, failed to raise) for our own companies first and foremost. As a result, we learned the best way you truly can: experience.

Rather than starting one business at a time, we’ve decided we can make a bigger difference (see: Our Mission) by helping multiple innovative ideas succeed in quick succession. Through our Incubator & Accelerator programs, Advisory Services, and Investments – we’re helping others start or grow companies that we believe in. Value alignment is key for us.

Through our experience, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t work. We know the common pitfalls that come at the various stages of building, raising, operating, and selling companies. What’s more, we absolutely love innovation and making a difference in the world.

Who We Help

We coach, mentor, and consult startups in a number of ways.  Here are a few…

    • Business Entity Architecture/Creation
    • Fundraising
    • Strategic Decisions
    • Managing & Growing Your Business
    • International Business Strategy
    • Strategic CxO Services (CTO, COO, CFO, CMO)
    • Product Development

Investing is tricky. You want peace of mind before writing a check. We help you navigate your investment by advising holistically ideally, but can do so with specific focus if you prefer. Some examples of the services we provide:

  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Assessment of Persons (Team)
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Model/Financials (aka the spreadsheet jockey service)
  • GTM Strategy
  • Timeline Feasibility
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Research

If you’re into the idea of #startuplife, but you’re just getting started… maybe don’t have an idea yourself, you just know you want to dive in. We can help with that.

Or maybe you have an idea, but nothing formal and you aren’t sure how to take that first step. We can help with that too.

Or, maybe you just want to change your situation and want a different job. Even for those situations, we workshop your resume and help you reach your full potential.


We’re pretty serious people. Not to brag, but we kinda need to brag here. We’ve…


More than likely helped some service /you/ use every day set up some aspect of their tech
Secured many sensitive environments and financial applications processing over US$10B per year "pay-to" and hundreds of billions "pay-through"
Scaled applications and websites with over 100M active daily users
Consulted at hundreds of companies - from startups to the literal largest enterprises
Setup many critical infrastructures such as Internet for entire geographies or mobile networks for entire countries


Worked side-by-side with executives and even board members of Fortune 50/100/500 companies
Sold services, employed people, and negotiated business in most states and over 40 countries
Taken over and turned around failing business operations
Managed 8-figure revenues and world-class industry margins
Managed international businesses in all four semi-hemispheres
Created (or morphed/improved) successful products and services in many verticals


Kicked off startup businesses of our own
Reviewed more pitch decks than we can count
Raised for and invested in companies ourselves
Helped a variety of early-stage startups get off the ground and funded
Pitched to many people, funds, and even some of the largest companies in the world
Worked with both East and West Coast money (US) as well as international

Our Mission


We admit it, we have an agenda.  


Our lofty goals and ideals are not only where we want to spend our time, but also where money earned through our time and investment ends up over and over again.

In no small terms, we want to help:

Increase Perspective

Support solutions that increase perspective; as perspective is the pathway to better understanding, better actions, better resolution, and fundamental change for the better.

Foster Decentralization

Drive adoption of decentralized systems such as the Internet & Bitcoin.

Drive True Innovation

Drive true innovation that changes the way the world works. Unfortunately, true innovation ideas are rare and also probably the hardest when raising capital, so they need the most help.

Hinder Tribalism

Fight oppression, break down borders, drive global equality, support diversity, and increase compassion.

Share Knowledge

Facilitate the free and unhindered spread of true information and education, while fighting the spread of misinformation.

Protect Earth

Through many means: stop unneeded movement of goods through localization of production and monetization of Intellectual Property; halt excessive production leveraging JIT solutions. Minimize wasteful and unneeded use of resources; antiquate pollution via adoption of modern solutions.

Defend Privacy

Help solutions that are a counter-weight against aggressive entities collecting & selling data largely unbeknownst to customers.

Improve Human Efficiency

Optimize human effort and progression through full and proper use of human (including person-hour) resources across the globe.

Spread Humanity

Get humans to a redundant interplanetary existence.

The Right Fit

What differentiates us: we aren’t necessarily looking for a person or team with a proven track record. We love teams who have proven themselves, but too often people who have succeeded keep repeating while new entrants struggle to get a chance. We want to help experienced entrepreneurs, sure, but we also want to help first-timers.

We’re looking for people who…

  • are serious and committed to their idea
  • have an idea that makes technical and business sense
  • have an idea that will resonate 
  • are driven enough to have a good chance of success

Our wheelhouse is early to mid-stage tech companies ($0.3M to $50M caps) in the following big picture realms:

  • Modern (read: non-monolithic, cloud-based) Software Opportunities
  • Innovative (read: non-commoditized or JIT) Hardware Opportunities
  • Logistics, Processes, and Automation Opportunities
  • International Business Opportunities

Also, we’re blunt and snarky. We’re looking to work with people who can operate in a literal, open-minded, no ego, logic prevails, fail-fast kind of way.

A random sampling of companies we’ve helped solve problems