Does our Mission resonate with you? Want to help us help startups help humanity? Want to drive Utah startup culture? We’re excited you want in!

The easiest way to join the cause is to just come to an event and start helping out.

If you’re interested in something more formal, we consider bringing on people with proven business and/or technical acumen, just reach out to us if you’re interested. We’ll discuss your current situation and goals to see if we can make a fit.

We’ll also consider bringing in other angels and funds to opportunities and potentially even having someone join as a Partner investor. If you’re interested in working together and are passionate about our mission, just reach out to us to discuss your investment objectives.

Event Leader

We’re in need of a person who can lead our event strategy. This includes organizing, promoting, and running events – meetups, classes, panels, workshops, etc. This should eventually evolve into demo days, pitch competitions, and an accelerator admissions program. Social extroversion required. Being well-networked in Utah a plus. Startup passion an absolute must.

Executive Assistant / Intern

We’re in need of a person who can handle varied tasks for our executive team members. This can be either a part-time or full-time position. A good candidate will be a quick study and also have a passion for our mission. The person should want to learn about early stage businesses + venture capital. An ideal candidate should be able to intuit needs ahead of time. We hate to say it, but: strong proficiency with spreadsheets also a plus.