Our Process



Through some serendipitous means, we are introduced to each other. Likely through networking, an angel group, meeting us at an event, your application to an early-stage program, or even you just reaching out to us.



If we like the idea, you pitch to us properly, in whatever stage you’re at, and we provide honest feedback and recommendations on the fly and gratis.



If the idea is good, aligns with our mission, and we think it has legs – we’ll come up with a way to work together to help you reach your goals.



If we work well together and it makes good sense, we’ll participate further – be it a time and effort commitment, resources, or round participation.

Incubator & Accelerator

We love incubation opportunities, as we get most excited about making difference and being involved early on. To that same end, we also like to help out committed people who are already on their way, but need the extra help from an Accelerator program.


Early Stage Investment

We can help seed (or “pre-seed,” how vogue of us) great ideas. The best path to this is through our Incubator & Accelerator or Advisory Services – but if you have a great idea going and are focused on funding, we’re happy to hear about it!


Idea Fund

We match our own startup ideas to a person or team, support the build, and help fund or raise funding.