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Incubator versus Accelerator

Let’s keep it simple: Incubator comes before Accelerator. Incubator: you’ve got an idea, you need help getting it off the ground. They help really early on. Accelerator: you’ve proven the idea, at least some, and you need help “accelerating” it. Office space providers are unfortunately calling themselves Incubators these days.¬† Watch out for that. A…
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So You Want to Work at a Startup

The word you’re looking for is: masochist. Seriously though. Working at startups is potentially the most painful and most rewarding experience you can have in life. Long hours. Probably low pay. Low probability of success. Excitement. Rollercoasters of ups and downs. In the end, hopefully, it all leads to a big success. Big payday. It’s…
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Nebulous Fundraising Language

Honestly, this topic can take years to get a handle on. Worse, often “norms” and the meaning of words change from year to year or situation to situation. When you’re doing fundraising, you’re working with people who speak this language and make these deals every day. They can easily balance the pros/cons of various strategies…